Restaurant Week


For Diners

When are the prix fix menus served?
Dinner menus are offered every night, all night that a participating restaurant is open, except Saturday, when restaurants may only offer the prix fixe menu until 6:00 pm. Lunch menus are available from participating restaurants during their regularly scheduled lunch service.

How do I know which restaurant is open on a certain day?
Please contact the individual restaurant for hours of operations.

Are reservations required?
Port Washington Restaurant Week is very popular. We recommend you contact the restaurants in advance for reservations.

Is the tip included in the $21 or $37 price?
Gratuity for the waitstaff is not included in the price. A 20% tip is standard for

What about drinks? Are they included?
Beverages are not included, but you may find some participating restaurants offer enticing specialty drinks or food pairings with their menu for an additional charge.

Can I order take out?
Prix Fixe menus are for dine in only. Being there is half the fun!

Why to some restaurants have supplemental choices and some don’t.
Some participating restaurants use Restaurant Week to feature specialties or provide more choices to you. Each participating restaurant agrees to provide three choices of each course so you can choose from 3 appetizers, 3 entrees and 3 desserts.


For Participating Restaurants

What is the deadline to sign up?
A commitment for participation is due by September 16. Menu choices are due by October 1 in order to be printed and included in print advertising. Any late submissions may be added to the website only.

How do I sign up?
You may return a completed form by mail to the Port Washington B.I.D. office at 329 Main Street, PW or email a scan a copy to Or make it simple by completing the participation form HERE.

What else do I need to provide and when?

  • If you are new to Port Washington Restaurant Week, we will need your logo for the menus. Due electronically September 16 with your commitment.
  • Menu choices are due by October 1 and will need to be emailed to

What the B.I.D. do to promote Restaurant Week?

  1. We will advertise in local and regional print and digital publications, on social media platforms, and provide a landing page for the entire event;
  2. We will provide you with art and content to use to promote within your own contact list;
  3. We will provide printed copies of your prix fixe menu;
  4. We will provide customer survey cards which will be returned to you with customer contact info so you can build your contact list

286 Main Street, Port Washington

283 Main Street, Port Washington

Bosphorus Cafe Grill

Outdoor dining

183 Main Street, Port Washington

37 Shore Road, Port Washington

205 Main Street, Port Washington

48 Main Street, Port Washington

87 Main Street, Port Washington

Louie’s Grill & Liquors

Outdoor dining

395 Main Street, Inspiration Wharf, Port Washington

95 Manorhaven Blvd, Port Washington

57 Main Street, Port Washington

Mojito Café & Lounge

Outdoor dining

109D Main Street, Port Washington

24 Main Street, Port Washington

Sullivan’s Quay

Outdoor dining

541 Port Washington Blvd., Port Washington

The Wild Goose

Outdoor dining

75 Main Street, Port Washington

179 Main Street, Port Washington


Outdoor dining

1029 Port Washington Blvd., Port Washington

Yummy Gyro

Outdoor dining

82 Main Street, Port Washington