Port Promenade – A message to Port Washington Business Owners

April 2023

Dear Port Washington Businesses Owners, 

We created Port Outdoors in 2020 in response to the COVID crisis with the intent to assist brick and mortar businesses devastated by the global pandemic. The purpose of the event was to help improve business conditions that would bring customers back.   

With an eye to future, we are keeping the best of Port Outdoors and giving it a new name and an expanded reach. The mission of the Port Promenade series again this year is to follow with the original intent and boost commerce for those commercial businesses within the Greater Port Washington Business District by providing expanded dining and shopping access and raising awareness of Port Washington as a destination to a wider market. 

The parameters of the permit from the Town of North Hempstead, Lift Up Local initiative which allows for expanded shopping and dining are: 

  1. Street Closure Permit – Allows for restaurants to expand dining services by setting up table and chairs to serve customers in the street immediately in front of their establishment in concert with the Nassau County Department of Health regulations. Temporary liquor licensing is required by all serving any type of alcohol and clear borders must be delineated. 
  1. Sidewalk Sale Permit – Allows for retail stores to expand display of goods for sale on the sidewalk immediately in front of their business. 
  1. Food Serving – Other temporary food & beverage locations will be allowed in adherence to Nassau County Health Department Guidelines. Any additional or temporary permitting will be the responsibility of the business setting up the temporary site and must be in accordance with Nassau County Board of Health.   

In keeping with the permitting parameters, the Port Promenade Committee established the following guidelines for participating businesses. 

  • The event area is within the physical boundaries of the Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District (BID) therefore, all tenants within specified zone are automatically included as members of the BID. Those tenants are allowed to set up tables and/or signs immediately in front of their store. Restaurant tenants can utilize up to 50% of the roadway directly in front of their storefront and must allow safe passage of emergency vehicles.  
  • As BID Members located outside of the zone cannot directly benefit from Port Promenade, those BID members outside of zones may set up a temporary store in predetermined location(s) based on availability. The BID Member/business owner must submit an application form and provide a Certificate of Insurance and list Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District as additionally insured. The business owner must complete the form and agreement and receive approval from the POD committee 1 week prior to the specific date. Go to application HERE. 
  • NEW this year, we extended the insurance coverage to allow for independent merchants outside of the district (non-BID members) to set up temporary points of sale and conduct business on the street or sidewalks during the street closure times.  In order to participate, each vendor must provide a Certificate of Insurance and list Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District as additionally insured. Limited space is available, and there is a fee of $100 to participate. Payment by check made payable to Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District must be made in advance of the date. All vendors must complete the application form HERE. 
  • Only pre-approved trailers or parked vehicles will be allowed on the street once street closures go into effect, excluding emergency vehicles or those with the permission of the PWPD. 

 Questions for the Planning Committee can be sent to director@portwashingtonbid.org who will then share with the entire committee for response. 

Regards from the Port Outdoors Planning Committee, 

Holly & Halime, Port Washington BID 

Bobbie & Debbie, PW Chamber of Commerce 

Richard & Amanda, Landmark on Main Street 

Trish & Melissa, Residents Forward 

Sgt. Sue Petrizzo & Officer Peter Griffith, PWPD 

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