Port Washington Business Improvement District board members join Commune founder and practitioners to recognize Commune with grants. From left to right: Holly Byrne, Port Washington BID Executive Director; Elena Box, Commune Instructor; Cari Gatto Huszar, owner & founder of Swell Wellness; Councilwoman Mariann Dalimonte; Hildur Palsdottir Commune Instructor; Constantina Biondo, Commune Instructor; Cindie Leigh, Port Washington BID Director.

The Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District welcomes Commune to the District and has awarded three grants for improvements to the façade and signage as well as in recognition as a new tenant. Located at 307 Main Street, Commune brings modern programming to its location in one of the historic buildings on lower Main Street. Independent practitioners offer a wide range of wellness classes in the newly renovated space, creating an intimate and peace-provoking environment. Participants can choose from a wide variety of class offerings posted each week. The space is also available to rent for private events such as moms night out or feng shui tutorials.

The business model for Commune is the inspiration of creator and owner, Cari Gatto Huszar as a result of the COVID crisis. Cari says, “I opened Commune as a labor of love, a gift to the Port community, to create a space where people can recharge and find peace, while providing instructors with a platform to conduct their classes across a broad range of mental wellness modalities including yoga, meditation, reiki, aromatherapy and Qi Gong. I am so grateful for how well it has been received and look forward to offering even more services in the future.” Cari’s goal is to make Commune a 501(c)(3) so that she can obtain grants to provide some free programming. She believes access to resources to maintain mental wellness is a human right and not a privilege.

“There is nothing quite like Commune in Port Washington,” says Halime Berkay, Vice President of the Port Washington BID. Halime goes on to say, “As a fellow business owner, I welcome creative, inspiring businesses like Commune to the District that help to enhance the character and appeal of our town. Plus the renovations to the space are very warm and welcoming.”

To learn more about Commune, the instructors and class schedule, visit their website at www.communepw.com.

Eligible businesses in the Port Washington Business Improvement District, both new and established, can apply for grants for funding to assist with costs of improvements to the façade of the place of business and/or signage. Guidelines and applications, along with additional resources for business owners, can be found on the Port Washington B.I.D. website under the Business Resource heading. Inquiries can also be directed to the Port Washington B.I.D. Office at 516-883-8890.

About the Port Washington Business Improvement District

The Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District (B.I.D.) is committed to improving the economic and business health of the Port Washington commercial area through marketing, promotions, physical improvements and enhanced municipal services for all those who live, work and visit our community.


About Cari Gatto Huszar

Cari Gatto Huszar has lived in Port Washington for 16 years with her husband, Tom and two teenagers, Alexandra and Matty.  She is a former senior marketing executive, who despite her commute for her positions with Amex and Nestle, always made time to get involved with the Port community. She served on the Parent Resource Center (PRC) board for 5 years, including two terms as Board President, and is currently on the PRC Advisory Board. In 2013 Cari founded Swell Partners, an Inc. 5000 company that provides a platform for people to work in a flexible way, promoting balance and wellness. Cari’s vision for Swell is to create a world of happy work people and happy workplaces. Mental wellness has always been a priority for Cari, who has practiced yoga and meditation since her teens.

Read the article in Port Washington Times, June 1, 2023.

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