Restaurants Serving Alcohol during Port Outdoors


To serve your customers alcoholic beverages outside, on the street during Port Outdoors, you may do so if you file an application for a temporary liquor license with the Town Clerk’s office.  You can obtain the application HERE and submit completed form to Clerk’s Office at

What we know to date:

  1. If an establishment had already submitted a certification in 2020, they do not need to submit a new Licensee Certification for 2021.
  2. If an establishment did not submit a certification in 2020, they would need to submit the signed certification to the Town so it can be sent to SLA.
  3. Any business serving alcohol within the road closure area will be required to delineate their expanded seating/dining area by signage or otherwise. This condition is part of the SLA’s requirement, which has been incorporated into the Town’s approved plan.
  4. Based on the proposed dates that Port Outdoors will be held in 2021, we recognize that at some point (possibly during that timeframe), the Covid-19 temporary expansion Executive Order will not be renewed.  If the EO expires and is not renewed, according to the SLA, “a licensee may seek a one day permit from the Authority for space not licensed.  However, these are generally limited to 4 on an annual basis.”
  5. We hope we will have some advance notice if the EO will not be renewed.  If this does occur, the establishments will need to submit additional paperwork to request the one day permits. Learn more about One Day Beer, Wine and Cider permits HERE.

For complete information from NYS Liquor Authority, see HERE.

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