Paycheck Protection Program

An SBA loan that helps businesses keep their workforce employed during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Got the loan? Now what? You must complete the PPP Loan Forgiveness application. Download it HERE.

From the NFIB website:

As small businesses across the country are grappling with the current and potential impacts associated with COVID-19, NFIB is continuing to track the latest developments from healthcare officials, congress and the administration. We know small business owners are acting now to take necessary precautions, but also need to understand how actions taken by policymakers today affect business operations down the road.

On this page, you will find up-to-date resources from NFIB and outside organizations. Throughout this time, NFIB will continue to offer webinars, legislative monitoring, and additional resources.

If you have any questions regarding your business and COVID-19, please contact NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center at 800-552-NFIB  ( 1-800-552-6342 )”

Learn more and view webinars at the NFIB assistance page

Download/print Payroll Protection Application

Helpful Payroll Protection Worksheet from Satty, Levine.

Find a PPP lender in Port Washington HERE

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