New Tenant Bonus Grant Program

The Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District (“BID”) will grant up to $2,000.00 to a tenant who enters into a lease for a vacant commercial space located within the Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District subject to the following:

  1. The lease must be for a term of at least two years;
  1. The tenant must be a new business within the District;
  1. The tenant must be within the first year of their lease when applying;
  1. The leased space must be for a minimum of 800 square feet of space;
  1. The lease must comply with all government regulations;
  1. All leases must be negotiated between the property owner and the prospective tenant;
  1. The right to the bonus may not be assigned;
  1. The BID’s offer will be honored with proof of signed lease; proof of square footage leased; letter stating how the funds will be used; signed affidavit; and is subject to available funds.
  2. If your application is returned because it’s incomplete, you will only be allowed to submit the application one more time within 10 days of the application being returned for not being complete
  3. If your grant is approved, funds will be made available upon opening.

If you believe you qualify for a bonus, please provide a letter to the BID at the above address requesting a grant with a detailed listing as to how you intend to use the funds, copy of the fully executed lease, proof of square footage leased, and a signed affidavit.

The BID’s Board of Directors will review the request and will notify you of its determination.

For more information, contact Holly Byrne, Executive Director

at (516) 883-8890 or at

See rules and application for the Façade Rehabilitation Grant.

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