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Rules & Specifications

In 2015, the Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District (“BID”) established the Façade Rehabilitation Grant Program to help businesses put a new “face” on the way they market their goods and services. Providing up to $5,000 in grant rebates for each project, this program makes it possible for businesses of any size to refurbish the exterior of existing buildings restoring them to their former glory or reinventing them to exciting new directions.

How does the Façade Grant Program Work?

The Façade Grant Program is for businesses located in the Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District.

What types of improvements qualify for funding?

The Façade Grant Program funds are available for the following façade improvements:

  • Removal of false fronts (such as aluminum panels)
  • Repair or replacement of windows, doors and cornices
  • Repair or replacement of facade materials
  • *New signage*
  • *New awnings*
  • Exterior lighting
  • Exterior painting
  • Design and construction costs

*Please view the Town of North Hempstead’s Community Development Agency Sign and Awning Grant Program to see if you qualify for this grant as well. Information regarding this grant can be found at: View PDF

How much funding am I eligible for?

Grant rebates of up to $5,000 of exterior rehabilitation cost are available. The grant money can be used only for construction and not to reimburse the applicant for permit, legal or architect fees.

Are there other eligibility requirements?

In addition to the criteria previously mentioned, applicants for the Façade Rehabilitation Grant Program must also meet the following requirements:

  • Location must be within the district.
  • Only property owners or business tenants may apply.
  • Tenant applicants must have the building owner’s written approval and notarized signature.
  • The application must be submitted and approved prior to beginning construction.
  • Guideline suggestions for the Port Washington Business District can be viewed here.   View PDF
  • A complete set of renderings must accompany the application.
  • Proper permits must be obtained prior to construction and copies of the permits must be submitted with the application.
  • Rehabilitation work must comply with all applicable codes, ordinances, policies and government regulations.
  • Work must be completed within 12 months of the date of project approval.
  • Applicant must agree to maintain the facade for a period of 10 years.
  • Upon completion and review of the work, the applicant must submit proof of payment and certificate of completion from appropriate municipality. (e.g., paid invoices with a copy of the front and back of the cancelled check for the rehabilitation in order to receive reimbursement from the Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District.

How do I apply?

Complete the Façade Rehabilitation Grant Program Application.

Download Rules & Specifications

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Façade Rehabilitation Grant Program Application

The Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District is sponsoring a Façade Rehabilitation Grant Program to provide assistance to property owners and businesses within the district who are interested in the rehabilitation of their exterior building façades. This grant is awarded on a first come, first serve basis with a maximum participation by the BID of $5,000.

The application must be approved prior to commencing actual construction work. Property owners or tenants may apply for grant funding. Tenant applications must have the building owner’s approval and signature notarized. Payment to the program participant will occur only after rehabilitation work is completed in accordance with approved plans and specifications.

Property Address:_______________________________________________


Applicant Address:_______________________________________________

Applicant Phone Number:_______________________________________________

Applicant E-mail Address:_______________________________________________

Applicant Tax ID #: _____________________________________________________

Property Owner Name:_________________________________________________

Property Owner Tax ID#:___________________________________________________


Required Supporting Information:

– Attach complete set of renderings (dimensions shown on all drawings)

– Written description of the rehabilitation work

– Copies of the approved permits from the municipality.

– Materials: description of materials to be used (provide samples if appropriate)

– Elevation: drawings showing the new facade(s)


Estimated Cost    $__________

Requested Grant $__________


Plans and specification sufficient to describe the proposed work are attached. By requesting a Façade Rehabilitation Grant, I understand and agree with the following conditions:


  1. The commitment of grant money for a proposed project expires twelve months from approval date as noted on application. For reasonable project delays, the expiration date may be extended by the district upon written request by the applicant.
  1. All renovation work must completely follow plans and renderings as submitted to the district and approved by the municipality.
  1. All renovations shall comply with all government regulations.
  1. Eligible activities include repairs to any façade in a designated grant area that fronts on or is visible from a public street. These activities include, but are not limited to, approved expenditures for: repair/replacement of windows, cleaning of façade, waterproofing, painting/removal of paint, repair/replacement of façade materials, installation of appropriate signage, removal of insensitively- placed modern conveniences or “false fronts.” Ineligible activities include: sandblasting brick walls, blocking up window openings, removal of historic details, construction of mansard roofs, painting of inappropriate surfaces, construction of “false fronts”, installation of inappropriate signage.
  1. The grant check shall be awarded only after the work has been completed and a copy of the certificate of completion from the municipality is attached with proof of costs and payment, in the form of paid invoices, cancelled check(s) (front and back). These items will be required in order for the district to issue payment.
  1. Current owners of grant sponsored rehabilitation projects are obligated to maintain the façade for 10 years in accordance with a signed maintenance agreement. The maintenance agreement must be signed before a grant check is issued.


Property Owner _______________________   Date: _________

Applicant _______________________________   Date: _________


This is to certify that the proposed project described above meets the requirements necessary for application for a Façade Rehabilitation Grant.

  1. Have you or are you planning to apply for another Facade Grant for the same expense?_____________
  1. A) If yes, to whom did you apply? _____________________________
  1. B) If yes, how much was approved/received? ______________________
  1. Mail the application and all relevant paperwork to:

The Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District (BID)
Attention: Façade Grant Program
P.O. Box 121
Port Washington, NY 11050

Download Application